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ref: R4433101

Utvecklingsbar mark

Tomt: 300 m²

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A 300 square meter plot located in Casares is an ideal space for the construction of an industrial warehouse. Casares, with its strategic location, offers logistical and commercial opportunities that make this plot an attractive investment for any company looking to expand or establish its industrial operations in the area. The plot, with its 300 square meters of land, provides the necessary space for the construction of a properly sized industrial warehouse. Topography and access to the plot are key aspects to consider when planning the construction project. Additionally, proximity to major roads, ports and other transportation infrastructure facilitates efficient distribution of products and raw materials. The Casares location also offers economic and labor advantages. The area has a trained workforce and is constantly growing, which can be beneficial for recruiting. Additionally, the business environment and networking opportunities in the region can contribute to the long-term success of the industrial warehouse.



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